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Balmukund & Hiral
06 November 2014
Indeed, god has written a wonderful story for each of us! Ours is also one beautiful story, thanks to! I have been living in Norway for more than 3 years, and it was not so easy to find my soul mate in typical arranged marriage way. Hence, I created my profile on in March-2014. Frankly, I never knew that I would find my soul mate so soon as barely within 15 days of creating my profile, I received Hiral's interest! Being a premium account holder, she had also provided her email ID responding to which I expressed my acceptance of the interest and requested to start conversations so that we can know and understand each other. Hiral was in India and I was in Norway. Hence, we first started to chat We were surprised to see how wonderfully our frequency matched! It was so often that, like telepathy, we sent each other exactly same words at the same time! Within a few days, we realized that yes, we both are truly made for each other! Then from message to phone-calls to video-chat the more we spent time together, the more we found ourselves lost in each other! The distance of thousands of kilometers didn't matter at all! Yes, probably we had fallen in love! :) Meanwhile, we also came to know that we have a few common family friends and relatives. Hence, typical arranged marriage talks between both families started and our relation was formally finalized in June. The marriage-ceremony was planned to be held in August. Hence, on 30th July, I landed in India and at the airport, I met Hiral in person for the first time! Indeed, it was one of the most beautiful moment of our lives! On 11th August, we got married in presence of relatives and friends and started a beautiful life together! Now Hiral has also got visa and she is coming to Norway very soon! I heard a lot about long distance relationship, and how people find their soul mates from matrimony sites such as, but I never knew I would witness both in my own case! Thank you so much,!