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Abhishek & Sandhya
06 May 2016
Hi All, Hope all of you doing well in your life. Before going to recite our Shaadi Match Story, I would like to express my kind gratitude to the & team for all their timely support. Thanks a ton! And believe me, I would like to say from bottom of my heart, ' you are doing very excellent job.' I'm proud of the way you worked and made the so user friendly on both website and mobile app as well as. Once again Thank you 'Anupam Mittal' for discovering We belongs to minor community, and mark my words it's very hard to get the very good proposal which could fulfill your Shaadi match if you are looking for well educated and good service oriented groom & family under the same community. It was very hard to find groom for my elder sister but made it in very easy way. Before registering into the, we used to prefer to find the Shaadi proposal usually through the newspapers & relatives circle, which was not working at all as per my sister's partner match. Then after a year, I decide to take a membership with the and believe me it was very hard for me to tell & convince my parents for the For them all this online stuff was scampish. It took around a day to convince and understand them what is & how does it work. It was silly funny while explaining all this to them. After their command, I registered all the details of my sister and family along with the required partner match. And from the day I registered I started getting the partner alerts, I often use to check them into my inbox. I looked for around 100 proposal from my community, all was futile as per my sister's partner match, mean while I got the 2-3 assistance calls from the team as well, which was really appreciated as per customer experience. Then after the month of registration, I started groom seeking actively on, I remember, I used to make a excel sheet of grooms weekly which had all the groom info like what community they belong, are they still looking for bride, when to call, whom to call, are they in middle of any proposal etc. Then after a 3-4 week of my hard seeking, my parents got a call from one of the partner match that your son has shared the Sandhya(bride)'s bio-data and photographs with my son who is living in Vadodara, He liked her photographs & bio-data, and regarding marriage proposal we want to meet with your family. And the interesting fact behind this proposal on which both family decided to go ahead was, I was not expecting that my family would get the call from this profile, because before all this I called him(groom) and asked him for the marriage proposal for my sister, that time he told me that his family is in middle of some other marriage proposal talks which they can't refuse this since that marriage proposal is proposed from their closest relative and might be into his upcoming Holi vacation he would be visiting his native and would get engaged after meeting his relatives' girl. And I wanna tell you I was hopeless that time after his words because so far in my groom seeking it was the best partner match fit for my sister. But even after this also, I did not loose my hope and I marked my groom excel sheet and updated the 'When To Call' column in that, I marked it for after Holi vacation. Then after Holi vacation, I again called him just for follow up, unlucky this time also he did not clear me on the marriage proposal like should I need to wait for sometime for his response or they can't talk any more on this since his marriage got fixed. But eventually, I asked him, 'if he is okay or is in with second thought with the existing marriage proposal which was proposed from his relative, I can share my elder sister's bio-data & photographs, just have a look and discuss with your family members if you find match in her.' Then he said okay share with me I am okay. I noted down his email-id and shared the my sister details with him. Finally IT WORKED!. He liked my sister's bio-data, her qualification, job and photographs. And on the other hand my sister liked too his profile/bio-data and photographs. That's how we got the groom seeking end call. We are very thankful to Shaadi,com and feel bless as my sister get united with his soul-mate through this site. We would even refer this to our friends and relatives so that even they can have best in there life....... Thank you so much.