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Vishal & Mansi
16 May 2016
Once in a while in he middle of my life, a girl appeared from nowhere as a timeless imagination and gifting me with a great blessing called- Love. Her name is Mansi Patel and yes, This is the time to announce that I'm going married. Well, the journey with shared about 5 years back (Probably that would not be that long for someone waiting to find right partner or get married). However, with considerable impressiveness from family allowed to sick with the profile which I always waned to remove not only here, but from all matrimonial platforms as I never believed in concept of "Arranged Marriages". Later, his conceptual thinking gave rise to new dimension when people shared showing interest in my profile and invitations shared. Still here always remained an element of doubt to meet up someone whom you don know or trusting a stranger on social platform can really haunt you. Hence refrained from taking any initiative and kept on running away from these matrimonial mediums. Moreover, especially if a person is from different city, different culture possessing different values and set of ideas makes it more difficult to convey your emotions in direct manner. Thus, in such situations quite often one ends up only in making good virtual friends as less opportunity available to meet potential life partner. Nevertheless, there always remained a belief from my sibling, my mother specially that it only takes matter of chance as pairs are made from heaven and one can only find other when time is right. Patience and perseverance proved this right and all of sudden forced me to accept a request from a stranger girl who today is going to be my better half. Soon we began chatting, exchanged detailed profiles, started getting to know each other far more better and then feelings took off to a great extent that it jumped to feeling named "Love" and heading our parents towards a decision called "Marriage". All thanks to for allowing many people like us in finding endless happiness with own soul mate, putting an effort of screening genuine profiles where our search concludes in building strong ever lasting relationships between two people and their families.