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15 June 2016
Our story March 06.03.2015 To July 11.07.2016 Its still unbelievable to accept the fact that, one message from him - Happy Holi. followed by Jai Shree Krishna will change our life to such a big extent. It was Friday, 6th March 2015 Time 7:56 PM India time when we (Sunil and Me) first got connected on I personally had never thought that I will actually be getting a person with whom I will love to spend rest of my life via online marriage portals and hence was never so keen to accept or express interest on Thankfully (Which I realize now), my elder sister who is married and currently based out of Vadodara had opened an account on my behalf and used to actively check out for suitable alliances, keep upgrading to premium accounts for want of better and serious profiles and we used to keep sharing and discuss profiles. However; after a period of time, somehow I was losing hope and above all patience and started getting a feel that this will never work out for me. Getting a serious profile on is next to impossible and started wondering how can people meet on such portals and decide to be together forever. But as rightly said, if something is meant to happen it will surely happen, we only have to wait for right moment, right time and in our case right medium too. We both will always remain thankful to this amazing life changing Platform/Medium called, it turned out to be truly a life-changer for us. After almost a year of Crisscrossing/Browsing across, it was day of Holi festival where I was relaxing and trying to pass away time. Somehow I simply felt to install mobile app on my mobile device and started playing around with the search criteria and which eventually landed me to the profile of Sunil Asar. I went ahead and expressed my interest thinking to give a try and really liked the summary and the way in which he had described himself. In couple of seconds, I got ping from other side with those two beautiful sentences Happy Holi Jai Shree Krishna. From the first day itself till now, I always admire his honesty and his respect for family and proud to say that I am fortunate to get such a caring and loving partner in my life. Sunil is based out of Bahrain and I am from Mumbai. We had our own share of ups and downs after getting connected on especially in terms of uniting our families on a happier note. In our case the geographical barriers and long distance miscommunication were creating more of hurdles. But the strong bond that we share and which became stronger and most importantly more trustworthy during the passing months combined with sincere prayers, blessings from our parents and family members made us experience this beautiful phase of life. We got engaged on 26th March 2016 and are getting married next month i.e. on 11th July2016. Once again, we both will like to thank you team for bringing this platform, keeping it up to date with all its useful features and enable connecting so many soul mates. Kudos guys and keep up this good work. We will also like to take this opportunity to invite team to grace our marriage with their presence Best Regards, Sunil and Teena