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Prashant & Punam
15 May 2017
First of all a great thanks to the team for this wonderful Matrimonial website. You are doing an excellent job and getting blessings from billions of people from all over the world. You make the world so small for us!! Well, we both were registered on after being forced by respective families as finding a soul mate through matrimonial portal was the last thing in our minds. So, I created my profile.The search went on and on. It was about to be a year since the search started when I saw Prashant’s profile and showed it to my family. They were happy to see that though he lives in USA but his family belonged to Bihar (Same as mine). To be precise, our houses in Bihar are not even at a KM distance. That was the first connecting point for us. I sent my interest to him. Since I was a paid member I sent a personalized message to him along with my number. Even before he accepted my interest, I received a message from him that he was in India with his mother. Yes, they were in AGRA and I live in Delhi. This was the 2nd connecting point and coincidence. After talking to each other for a while we told our families and they decided to meet. So we met personally on 10th April 2016. We both spoke, we had a rapport, we laughed, we shared our likes dislikes, our families spoke and everything clicked so quick. We liked each other so did our families. Still we wanted to give it some time before we move on the next step. Though the mothers were too keen to fix it as during the conversation they found some common family links in Bihar. We bought some time from both the moms and he went back to US along with his mom around 20th April 2016. After that we both got busy in our lives and work. It was after almost a month, I received a message on my cell phone from an unknown number. And It was HIM. It was starting from that day we talked to each other about anything and everything and we didn’t even realize that we established a good bond and spent hours talking on phone. And within a few weeks of talking we got to know that we are made for each other. Sooner than we had planned, we decided to get married. Immediately after that we told our mothers about our decision in June. They planned everything and fixed the marriage for September. As they say marriages are made in heaven which we solemnize on earth. Ours needed a platform to meet here one on this planet. We met and solemnized our marriage on the auspicious day of Ganesha Chaturthi on 5th September 2016. Prashant is not just my life partner, but a good friend, and a supporter too. Prashant is in US and I am in India as we are waiting for the VISA processing to complete and then I can move to US to be with him FOREVER. I couldn't have asked for more from GOD. We closed our Shaadi profile IDs on 15th November 2016 after a beautiful dream was fulfilled through this online matrimonial website. Thank you and keep shining!