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Narendra & Shweta
27 April 2019
Being honest, I was very sure that I didnt want to go via matrimonial sites. However, one lousy Sunday afternoon when I and my best friends had nothing to do and since Ladki Dekhna was trending topic those days. They thought of doing something funny, and they opened an account for me. This is how I landed up on Funny or unbelievable this may sound but this is the fact my friends opened account for me. I just share my mobile number and email id. Then my friend Vipul kept showing me profile pics and other friend kept reading profiles. Shweta profile was second based on the mapping of preferences. 7/7 criterion matched. Like this we spent Sunday afternoon liking few profiles. Where one of my friend was reading profiles and other friend was showing display pics to me, and I was just answering yes or no. Let me remind you; This was fun going on. I was not taking this seriously because I thought matrimonial sites was of no use. Few days later, I went to hometown with totally forgotten and ignored. I had zero expectations since that was all fun for me. Then suddenly I start getting friend request on Facebook which I dint to realize how. Then I got friend request of Shweta where I recognized the picture and realized all these friend requests were because of Then accepting the friend request we started conversation. We shared family details, educational details and relatives whereabouts. I conveyed this to my Mom where she made few calls and realized that my relatives know her family. The point I want to make is, her family was known to my relatives but could not reach us because of the communication gap and no proper transfer of information which could have start the discussion. Absence of linkages which would get both the families on one plane was absent. These above part was played by which was most crucial because we got connected. Post which families met and everything was smooth and as expected. We planned each and everything about marriage right from engagement to marriage, and we thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Want to thank for getting me connected to the love of my life.