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Vijay & Neha
25 April 2019
Neha was the one to send me the invite on and I was hesitant to accept it because I assumed that she had a fake profile. Anyways, I went ahead and accept the invite and the next thing I realize is that she called me on Facetime and things just got better from there. We felt the connection from the very first "Hello" she said over the phone and there was no looking back after that. Next 5 days, we spoke for hours over the video call and by Jan 15, we were in love and our families were all in for the wedding. On March 22, I travel to India and see Neha for the very first time in person and March 29th is when we tie a knot followed by the court marriage on March 30th. From the first "Hello" until today, it has always felt as if we have known each other for years and that this relationship was bound to happen no matter what. I won't do justice by giving words to the feelings I feel for her.