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Pravindra & Meenakshi
11 June 2019
Our first meeting on was very interesting and it seems we were destined to meet each other on this plant earth. So here it goes.. :) We first had a connect over on 19th Feb and had a first phone call on 3rd March '19. After then, we never had a look back and started speaking to each other on regular basis.. for mins.. hours. Endless whatsapp conversation and phone calls.. it was going like a roller coaster ride for us. Everyday.. we were feeling like we were destined to meet and god has some plans for us. With each passing day, the emotional bonding between us became very strong, we started sharing smallest to small things with each other. In the short period of time.. we started feeling like we can't live without each other. We are supposed to spend the life with each other. And then the happiest day of our life was at our door, when our families met and gave a green signal to our relationship. Finally we were rokafied and will be married soon on later this year. :) With god grace, wishing for a happiest and roller coaster-ride journey in future. I'll always respect your decisions, your feelings in every stage of the life. Will always protect you and hold your arms in every situation in life. Our relationship will be always be full of trust, love & respect.. i promise which are i believe, the 3 most vital pillars of a marital relationship. Wishing the same for all those looking for a life partner in All the best to all of you. Signing off. :)