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Hetal & Saurabh
14 June 2019
Our story begins a few days before Christmas 2018, it was the holiday season for me as I am living in Canada. I was surfing the to find a match and not sure how I got the profile of the Ms. Hetal Kathrotiya. She is talented, beautiful and successful in her career. She is the girl, which I can say I am looking for as my life partner. I immediately sent her the request and on the day of Christmas, she accepted. On the first day, we chat on Facebook, as she was given me her Facebook profile detail. We went on to the chat to discuss the kind of partner we are looking for and surprisingly we hit the common ground. Then goes on the discussion with her father and her family. Both of the families meet each other and agreed on moving forward. We are continuously talking with each other since the first day we met on the phone. No time zone came between us as I was in Canada and she is in Ahmedabad and the distances are becoming shorter. We are enjoying each others company and giving time to each other for thinking about life decisions and what to do once she accompanies me in Canada. Time passes very fast and came the time to decide the wedding date. I am coming to India on the 23rd April 2019 and hence the date was fixed on 6th May 2019. In a short period, I completed my studies and reached India on 23rd April. That day I rested due to the jetlag and the next day on 24th April, I clearly remember the memories of meeting her as bright as day. I was so excited that I am going to meet my future wife for the first time in person. She was standing on the second floor, looking at me as I came out of my car, and I looked at her and their she is the one and only Hetal, the lifeline of mine, the one I cannot do anything without, each decision now onwards goes with thinking of her in my mind, the one which I am very proud of to call her as my wife, to introduce her to my friends, to my family members. She is very active and agile and took her me for the marriage shopping on her Dhanno (She nicknamed her two-wheeler Dhanno). We went to a cafe where we are meeting our wedding photographer for the pre-wedding photo shoot. Then comes the marriage shopping, shopping for Bali (Where we went on the honeymoon), etc. The days are flying by rapidly and the little time (Coming back to Canada on 26th May) that we had, we enjoyed together. The marriage was finished, the trip to Bali was done and now comes the time to say goodbye as I am leaving India on 26th May. The thing is in this short period of time, I become very much attached to her that it was so hard for me to leave her there. I came to Canada and I am looking for her to join me in the future as time passes by. She was such a wonderful and incredible person and although she does not shows her love for me as I am but it is always there, always lying into the big heart of her. And whatever happens, I am going to love her, as I loved her since the first day of our meet. I am very grateful to have her as my wife and my partner in crime for the rest of the future. Thanks to the, this all become possible and we got to know each other.