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Meghal & Drashtee
24 June 2019
Alright!! Let me tell you our story of love. just make it happening Its been said If you come across one thing, you want it for that just accomplish it by giving your best efforts. Meghal loves Drashtee A year before when got connected through Story begins with just a formal conversations an at a point we found out that already we both are connected in talk on Instagram. While few period it was just getting low, not much in conversations finally ended up with no talks . In December 2018, again pinged her up just by conveying I m coming to India, can we just meet. We met, I still remember the day she took me for a ride in India, at her favourite cuisine we peacefully had dinner with good conversation. Soon after that we kept on meeting each other day by day. I found out she is the one for me, who would cheer me up an make my world go buzzing around. In January 2019, we went for a trip, where I got chance to let her know more an get our bonding a strong one. I still remember it was our best time where she was besides me an we were just into us. So the day came where I nee to return back to New Zealand. It was heart breaking point to come back over here. We both continue the conversations. Finally in April, she said yes I do. So now we are happily together.