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Gowri & Vipul
01 July 2019
One day while going through recommendations from I happened to see Vipul's profile. After going through his profile, decided to send him the request. Vipul took a week's time to accept my invite and then we interacted with each other for the first time over phone. Our first ever conversation went on for 2 long hours. It was an indication that there was something we liked about each other and couldnt stop talking. We met a week after on 20 Oct 2018 in a cafe, had very practical discussion about our expectations from each other, our views on certain topics. Majority of the things seem to match. Surprisingly when we had a look at menu card in cafe, we selected same drink to be ordered. An indication that we liked similar things. We decided to meet once again to get to know each other better before we take next steps. We met for the second time in Diwali and coincidentally wore same color. Our liking for same things was a good booster to help us take decision on going ahead. We had a good time on festive occasion and at the end of our second meet we decided to go ahead and involve our families as we both loved our families and their opinion too mattered to us. Our families met in December and decided to support us in our decision to spend life with each other. wedding date was finalized as 19th May 2019 and there on all the preparations started. We planned every event till our wedding together. Be it going out for shopping or deciding upon our clothes, our looks for wedding, we did everything together. In the process we got to know each other very well and fell in love. Since the day we met, every moment we shared with each other was very special. We promised to spend rest of our life with each other on 19th May 2019 and share everything that comes our way. Many thanks to for getting us together. Eventhough we stayed only 15mins apart we couldnt have met if there wouldnt have been