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Ashok & Preethi
11 March 2010
We take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to the whole team for providing us this space where we met and have happily become one. Meeting each other here, in June 2009, was full of surprises and magical to say the least. You can imagine how pleasantly surprised we were when we found out that we lived in the same locality and that too just 800 mts away. And then, the magical part was of realising soon after writing, speaking and meeting, that we are so much alike and how well Gods had been working on tuning us to be the perfect soul mates to each others. They, the Gods, had finally decided it is time.... We are humbled by this whole gamut of surreal experiences of coming together. Pretty soon, we grew surer of what we are meant to be and were inspired to go all the way and get married in less than a month's time. So, on July 24, 2009 we took vows in a simple temple wedding in the presence of our beloved family and friends. Since then, we have had a beautiful life of togetherness and true to Gods' wishes, have attained oneness. We wish everyone, who is seeking to share and have a life of togetherness, to be able to see and recognise the light that the Gods show us while leading us thru' the path of life. Cheers, Ashok Kumar Thimmaiah Preethi Ashok