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Jeetendra & Swati
12 November 2010
A platform to hunt for my soul mate, An interface to get acquainted to her, A facility to meet her and her family and An opportunity to find an eternal companion" ... that's for me!!! An arranged wedlock going awry shatters one?s confidence and optimism. However, for the sake of alleviating one?s parents concerns for us and to fill the vacuum of a true companion, it becomes important to plan to move ahead. With that task at hand, I planned to take the assistance of matrimonial websites as that gives us the flexibility to look outside our geographic location and/or community. Having created profiles in and other portals, I realized that portals which claimed to cater exclusively to the second marriage cause were not effective due to various reasons and my confidence in increased. I am a Mumbai based Vaishnav but, with an open mind, I set filters to include some other castes in major Indian metros. From these profiles, I came across that of Swati Puri, who hailed from a UP based Punjabi family and was in Pune for professional assignment. After accepting each others? profiles in March 2010, we spoke a couple of times on phone and hit off well. However, due to her parents? absence, things did not proceed and at one point I even felt that something must have clicked in some other place. But that was just the lull before the proverbial storm and my apprehensions were uncalled for! Once her parents were back from their native place in Pune in June 2010, she discussed about her interaction with me and with their approval, she asked if I was still keen to go ahead. I replied in the affirmative and soon my family went to visit them in Pune. It was a pleasure to meet a well cultured, soft-spoken and fun-loving family like theirs. They too agreed to visit us soon. While I was waiting for their visit, I had occasional conversations with Swati and it was clear that she was a very mature, level headed and extremely cultured girl and not just me, but any person should feel lucky to have her as a life partner. When her family came to my house a month later, it was expected to be a casual visit but they had come prepared for a Roka. When we realized that the positive feelings were mutual from both the families, the Roka took place when they first came to my place in July. Life has not been the same since then. I am blessed to find a soul mate in Swati and it is the faith that profiles are genuine that gave us the assurance to go ahead in spite of no prior connection with each other. Our marriage date has been fixed for January 2011 and we wish to express our gratitude to for its convenient interface, effective search filters and easy profile communication tracking facilities. It does take 2 mature individuals to make a relation successful, but before that it requires a solid platform like to make a successful search. It gives us pleasure to share this story and we wonder how things did go ahead, but not when we expected to but only when the time for it arrived. So all of you folks who are still looking to find your eternal companion, do keep up the faith in God and meet people with an open mind and you never know how and when you could find your better (or maybe even?best) half! ?Marriages are made in heaven, but they need an effective medium to execute them on earth.? How on earth can I explain how I found my soul mate through Hailing from UP and working in Pune, it was getting difficult to find and meet and prospective alliances without the assistance of matrimonial websites. I had generally found profiles through genuine. Hence, when I got the expression of interest of Jeetendra Khanna, an IT professional from Mumbai, I accepted it and spoke to him a couple of times and found him to be a soft-spoken and decent guy. But with my parents away at our native place, I was not able to take the matter forward in March 2010 and unfortunately, the matter reached a stage which resembles Pune?s topology, a plateau! But when things are destined, they ultimately find their way from the by lanes of possibilities on to the highway of reality. When my parents came to Pune and I had the assurance of their presence and support, I attempted to rekindle the communication channel with Jeetendra. He responded promptly and his family visited us in June 2010. The meeting kicked off well and I saw that we shared many commonalities in ethical and cultural values, lifestyle traits and general preferences and my subsequent telephonic conversations with him reinforced that fact. With my first marriage in our own community having gone wrong, it was not easy to feel confident about associating with a staunch stranger! However, Jeetendra sensed my apprehension and volunteered to provide references of his Pune based acquaintances. My family was impressed by his honest approach and our positive vibes got cemented with the encouraging feedback which his references conveyed to us. Our marriage is fixed exactly 26 weeks after our Roka and I wish to express my thanks to for providing this medium in such a user friendly and systematic way, without which it would not have been possible for many of us to know and meet each other. After all, ?What is life without love, what is love without trust and how can you trust someone without knowing him? and has provided us with the platform to meet, know and choose our life partner. All the best to all the patrons for their search! Regards Jeetendra and Swati