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Gautam & Dipti
06 September 2010
I was searching prospective brides and i stumbled across dipti's profile in one of the searches for members online from mumbai . I expressed interest and i soon forgot about it. At that time i was expressing interest in profiles i found met my partner criteria. At that time , dipti did not respond as she was talking to someone who she had met on and I too was talking to someone whose profile I had liked . However as destiny would have it , a few days later dipti sent me a message on shaadi with her email and her phone number. At that time i had finished talking / interacting with some other girls on whom i had met on and so i was so as to speak available. Dipti too was not interacting with anyone and soon i sent her the first sms asking her for a convenient time to speak . We spoke on the phone and it was a very cool, casual conversation with the sole intention of matrimony firmly etched somewhere in our minds. But we did not ask each other the standard fifty questions. we carried it out in a very natural manner like 2 friends meeting . BUt in our conversations we always extended courtesy , respect and we asked each other a few right questions like " do u have any specific partner expectations needs " , what are Ur views about commitment ? , what kind of life would u like to live after marriage - like a glamorous life , a socially active life , a life of contentment , a life of progress . also I asked dipti if her parents knew about her interaction with me and she asked me the same . Both of our families knew of our interaction with each other and they were ok with it . After a few conversations me and dipti had begun to share a very cool vibe with each other and we always were laughing and joking on the phone . Since things were progressing well , I decided to ask dipti to meet in person . So when I asked dipti out, she agreed to meet . We had overcome the initial barriers of shyness , and comfort and we were at ease with each other. From telephone call to meeting was one and half week and within one and half week we had spoken for i would say 3 - 4 hours. Since I am 33 and dipti 29 both of us were mature enough to know that we were compatible in a lot of ways after just a few conversations . The rest did not matter and when we met it was love at first sight. Dipti came dressed simple and sweet and she had travelled a bit to meet me. I greatly appreciated the fact that she had put in the effort to come all the way to meet me and i thanked her for it. We talked we laughed, we smiled, we walked along a beach and we knew that we were made for each other and that whatever little differences in our lives in our personalities could be overlooked or dealt with. A few meetings later i met dipti's parents and dipti met mine . we got the families involved and with our parent's blessings we decided on an early marriage. Today we are happily married and we are thankful to the platform which brought us together. I must mention that god and destiny had willed it this way but was the ideal platform for interaction. The security measures on shaadi , the screening of profiles , photos and verification of numbers greatly puts anyone at ease . It is also important to conduct things with decorum in a proper manner for things to proceed smoothly. With god's will , a little sensibility , and a proper conduct of the process of getting to know coupled with the right questions , worked wonders for us . I am thankful to shaadi and i recommend it to everyone out there who is waiting for that someone special. i would just say people don't wait , just browse and click ,, ur match might just be a webpage away . thank u shaadi Dipti & Gautam