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Rincy & Sabin
05 April 2011
I believe Rincy was the first to express interest in my profile. I accepted because I was intrigued by her profile so I emailed her back only to find out that I emailed her mom instead. However, Rincy soon responded back and we started sending emails to each other daily. The funny thing was most of our emails were very random and didn?t ask too much about ourselves. I was still very intrigued and interested and soon the daily emails became multiple emails per day. This went on for about two weeks before phone numbers were exchanged. Our conversations were very random at times, yet still kept both of our interests. She was the first to actually suggest a real date. We met up at a small tea place called Big Straws. She was sitting outside the store looking at her phone. We drank tea and talked for a couple hours about anything and everything. Even though neither of us really believe in love at first sight, I think it is safe to say we both left the date feeling like there was something there. We started going out on a couple of real dates (dinner, movies, etc?.) and we grew fond of each other. This past November 19, 2010, I proposed to her in Downtown Dallas in the Arts District area while on a carriage ride. The official engagement was in India on December 25, 2010. We want to thank Shaadi for their part in helping us find each other. The big day (wedding) will be sometime early in 2012. With Regards, Sabin and Rincy