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Samir & Jahanvi
01 June 2011
We are Jahanvi and Samir and we would like to share our fairytale beginning ?. through Jahanvi lived on the east coast; Philadelphia and Samir lived on the west coast; Chico, California when we met for the first time on shaadi. We both feel that if it wasn't for, our paths would never have crossed. We?re happy to say we are now living together as a newly married couple. We were married on August 27, 2010 after meeting on in December 2009. Jahanvi?s side of the story: As time passed, I lost hope and interest in finding a match but after five yrs of being a member on, on December 8, 2009, I came across Samir?s profile. I found him very cute and friendly. One of the first things that I noticed about him was his beautiful and a child like smile! I decided to initiate a contact right then and there. After the acceptance, we exchanged an email and then moved straight to the phone. We talked nearly for 2 hours that very first time! We felt extremely comfortable with each other right from the start. When I read those success stories on, I always wondered can this sort of comfort level can someone feel for a complete stranger for the first time? But when I experienced it myself, I learned it so possible when the right person comes along! From there onwards, we continued to communicate by talking over the phone and texting almost all day long until one day I asked him to meet up. He made a trip from California to come meet me in Philadelphia in February. That was the weekend of Valentine?s day! Our first date was in Doylestown, PA. After I picked him up from the airport, we went to P.F. Chang?s which followed by a desert at Melting Pot. If you ask us what we remember about that date. We will tell you it was the fact that we laughed so much that night and we continue to do that?. We had such a great time. It didn?t felt like as if we were meeting for the first time. It felt like as if we were meeting an old close friend after many years and we were catching up. We both were very comfortable with each other from day one. I introduced him to my parents, sister, and brother-in-low who later gave their approval. We proceeded further by involving our families. Being in India, his parents gave their blessings and welcomed me into the family as the future bride. Samir?s side of the story: Jahanvi expressed her interest. I accepted her interest, as I really liked her profile. We did not take long to start talking over the phone. And our journey began? It was on the day when she came to pick me up at the airport , my heart told me ?she is the one.? After then there was no looking back. I had no doubts, I decided to get married to this beautiful girl only! But like any guy - it took me a little while to gather myself and ask her to marry me. And at last I asked and she accepted it! I had to clear all the tests before I could be accepted in her family. But I did a great job and I cleared all the exams (sure there was a little cheating?..Jahanvi already prepared me and some of the questions were leaked??lol). After all the wonderful stories within stories we finally got married on 27th August 2010. And from then on we are happily ever after. We strongly believe when things feel right everything falls into place. We would like to thank for providing such a great platform. We don?t think we would have met if it wasn?t for shaadi. Thank you for playing the role of cupid. We totally feel blessed and lucky to have met each other. When we look back, we feel it has definitely been worth the wait! We are excited about building our new lives as a couple. Thanks to the shaadi team for doing such a great job. Keep up with the good work! For those still out there searching for their life partner, don't give up hope!