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Hari & Rachna
25 August 2011
This is a very long, twisting & dramatic story. I was a manglik and after a long search by my parents, they didn't get any suitable match.....some time parents was ready but not me. Actually I said to them that I want at least a science graduate. One & half year had gone without any fruitful result. Now, Papa had got registered my profile in office (Offline) at Civil lines Allahabad for 6 months.As I came to know, I too registered my self on website(online). My father shown several profiles what they received from but I didn't get any suitable match.In the last month of my registration, I got some profile of my interest on online and offline both along with RACHNA's profile. I said OK and left the things on parents end but RACHNA's profile touched my heart some where even though there was no snap on her profile and bio data. I searched the same name and i got the same line on her ORKUT profile what she had mentioned in her profile...that lines still remember me.." I am so good, my parents are my first love. I have fond of bike and car driving" I showed her profile snap to my mother and said to search her out, on her profile there was a land line number only, no address details. Due to the recession of 2009, unfortunately I had to resign from my company. I was in search of a new job along with a high degree pressure to get marry but it was being very difficult for me, due to my sister's marriage and joblessness made me some relief from this high pressure of get marry but RACHNA's profile was always in my mind. I send some friend request to her but she didn't accept then I forgot. Later on I joined CIAE Bhopal as Research assosiate and the high pressure again back to me with some strong recommendations from my parents that there is two girls in which you have to choose only.....I was in dilemma but there was no way. In the mean time RACHNA's profile was deactivated and my offline registration period had been ended, all the things now had gone. I had saved that land line number what was on RACHNA's bio data. I gave that number to papa and requested to him please talk to her parents once but that number was dead on that time then I became hopeless. Now I again send her friend request and fortunately she accepted my friend request and after that I seen her full profile but there was no address details & contact number on her profile,it was being very difficult to ask her contact details. we had some good conversations afterwards but I didn't tell to her that I am looking you so far. I came to know that she had shifted to her new home but it was very difficult for me to ask her contact & address. Papa called me and forced to get marry now it was being very difficult that the one one whom I was looking, but not able to ask her even though we are chatting. Now I decided to reach her and didn't want to disclose her. I tried to search her address through Telephone directory of Lucknow using her landline number for this I requested my friends at lucknow but they didin't help me. again I search the online telephone directory of Lucknow and fortunately I got then I made search for the land line number......and i got the address too. i gave all details to my parents and request but they were interested somewhere else. Now I decided, to come to Lucknow from Bhopal in the search of RACHNA's parents. After this decision so many things had gone in my mind that there should be no harm to her image in her family and also i dont want to disclose my identity. First i decided to come with my fried but later think that it will not be may harm to her image then i asked to my friend papa.....told him all the things that what i want and what to do. we have seen each other snaps but during our chat i came to know that she will not be in Lucknow during NAV RATRI and papa also called me to come Allahabad in the NAV RATRI. I came to home at Allahabad and had some hot talk with my papa regarding my marriage. This was the first time when I had a talk with papa......but the conditions was realy very dramatic. the whole night I was awake with my younger sister.....early morning, had bath and went to DURGA TEMPLE in front of my home......went in front of DEVI JI and made a commitment to her " i AM GOING TO LUCKNOW IN SEARCH OF RACHNA, IF I FOUND THE THINGS GOOD THEN WILL TELL TO MY PARENTS AND IF NOT THEN I WILL MARRY TO HER WITH WHOM MY PARENTS WANTS" Lighten my incense sticks and left. Without any information to any body I came to Lucknow, called my friends pa and started search of the same address what i get in the telephone directory. Fortunately, in my first attempt I got the address and I was in front of Rachna's home. My heart beat became faster and throat was dried......I came out of colony gate, had some water, didn't take anything else because that day was my NAV RATRI fast and told to my friend pa that what i want to know and how to react. Now we back to colony, knock & bell, heat beat became more fast....but i manage myself strongly . All the thing happened in planned way........finaly her mom has given her complete bio data and asked my details and promised to visit my home soon regarding this.It was an half hour discussion but i didn't disclose my identity.When they asked about me then I told them that I am brother of that guy. Same day Came back to Allahabad, reached to home early morning with REWADI( a famous sweet dish of Lucknow), kept in front of papa had understood that i went to Lucknow. He saw on my face and smiled.........then I told him complete story and what discussion i had at Lucknow and also said to papa....."this was my all effort now the further things are still in yours hand. what best I can I did. If they contact you ....please proceed on the same but please don't disclose my identity to them untill unless they came to our home". After 2 day, RACHNA's parents called to papa and showed their interest and after a month they came to my home then they asked about me, papa now told them that guy was same who went to your home and he told all about you to me. RACHNA's parents came back to Lucknow and next morning RACHNA's MOM called me.......asked that you are the same who came to meet me at Lucknow........I replied yes....then mom again asked "but you told me that you don't like lie and did the same then i replied.....yes because I knew that you would never like that the same guy came for enquiery that is not our indian tradition but that time there was no another way and what I did that was with faith, truth fullness and for a good purpose". Afterwards all the things gone in between our parents and slowly all the things became clear to all and finally we got married on 28th June 2010. In very Short....... God has blessed me her on behalf of my patience, my efforts........I will still not confess that it was love at first sight. From the day I came to know about her........I don't know what happened exactly with me when I read some lines about her.........I felt that she is the one whom I looking so far. but I was in dilemma..... whether she will like me or not. Somehow I came in contact directly with her.......we had some conversation..... even though I was not dare to say directly to her that i am looking for you. slowly but steadily i was trying to know her from our conversation..........the day come when i said to my parents about her but till that time my parents denied .......then I started my efforts...... and .....I got the way as i walk and finally reached to her and got whom I was looking so I am dare to say........LOVE YOU......anytime, anywhere..if you have belief in God and will do the things in right way........sure Success will be yours. THIS WAS MY ALL SUCCESS STORY ALONG WITH CLUES. FOR THIS SHAADI.COM PLAYS MOST BASIC ROLE THROUGH WHICH FIRST TIME I CAME TO KNOW ABOUT MY REAL SOUL "RACHNA" IF SHAADI.COM WAS NOT THERE, THEN IT MAY BE VERY DIFFICULT TO MEET MY SOUL "RACHNA" ........THANKS A LOT TO SHAADI.COM TO MAKE MY WAY TO MEET MY SOUL.