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Vistasp & Anahita
04 December 2006
If life was a movie, this is our dream sequence. A big, big Hi and Thank You to the team at This is acknowledgement time. We write this jointly nearly a month after our marriage (Tuesday, November 7, 2006) We met up, thanks to this wonderful age of the Internet, on this lovely site of yours over a year ago and since then, have been swept off our feet for as long as we can remember. It started with a few stray emails which encouraged us enough to meet up at a neighbourhood cafe one blessed evening, and the rest as they say, is history...albeit, a very personal one for our circle of family and friends. We must admit however that we were very skeptical beginners and it was our family / friends who goaded us into exploring this option, when conventional matrimonial searches didn?t come off too well. A warm, heartfelt thank you to the entire team at shaadi is very much in order. No praise can be high enough for a team that does such a great job of maintaining it day in and day out, that too, with so much imagination and enterprise. Your site is a truly liberating one for young match seekers and we give it thumbs up on all counts. It has changed our lives for the better and yes at the risk of mouthing a clich? one would say there is still time before we wake up and think that all this is for real and not just happening in a dream. The team at Shaadi, please put your hands up so we can clap for you all. Warm regards, Anahita Bhesania and Vistasp Hodiwala