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Nalini & Ramachandra
25 August 2007
"When God closes one door it opens another". This sentence proves the justice of god. I am really thankful to them and of course to too. Our story began from April 2006. My husband Mr. T. Ramachandra who is staying at U. K. proposed me in April 2006. We started to communicate on the phone and on the Internet. And finally we decided to marry. But then after so many disturbances we faced and finally we decided. But he wanted that we should marry in the presence of his parents. So he told me to go to Colombo as his native is Colombo, Sri Lanka so. As I respect him a lot so, I went to Colombo from India on 12th Feb. 2007. I met his family they are so generous and co-operative. As I am coming from Gujarati Family and he is from Tamil Family, our culture, tradition and language are different but I did not face any problem over there. They took very good care of me in every moment. I Stayed at Colombo for 2 months and he came there on the day of our wedding. It was 12th April, 2007. Before that we did not see each other. I was so much excited on that day. At last we married and he stayed at Colombo only for 12 days and he flew to London again. It was golden days in my life which I have passed with my loving husband. I never experienced this type of moment in my life before. I stayed more 15 days over there. And now I returned to. Now I am eagerly waiting for that day when I will meet my life partner forever. I, Nalini Ramachandra want to say lot of thanks to It is such a wonderful platform for meet our life partner. My husband also send couple of thanks to the team of Cheers and God Bless. With warm regards?????Nalini and Mr. T. Ramachandra.