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Adi Dravida comprises a group of Tamil-speaking caste hailing from southern India. Thought to be the original inhabitants of the land, the Adi Dravida community has a proud, vibrant culture where marriages within the community are encouraged. Majorly devout Hindus, the community considers Adi Dravida matrimony of utmost importance, emphasising finding the ideal horoscope match from within.

Adi Dravida's preferences lie towards finding an educated and like-minded matrimonial match blessed by the stars. Families seeking to unite through Adi Dravida matrimony follow important Hindu marriage rituals and sacred traditions wholeheartedly. Adi Dravida Hindu wedding celebrations include pre and post-event ceremonies, such as sagai, mehendi, sangeet, Ganesh Pooja, jaimala, kanyadaan, and vidaai.

Today, prospective brides and grooms from the Adi Dravida community come from educated and prosperous backgrounds with a presence across major cities in India. They are friendly, easy-going, and respectful of modern sensibilities and traditional cultures.

Based on location, discovering the ideal Adi Dravida profiles with is easy, as many prospective brides and grooms have a pan-India presence today. One can find the right match not just in southern cities such as Chennai, Bangalore, Madurai, Coimbatore, Salem, Erode, Vellore, Tiruchirappalli, etc., but also in other states and territories such as Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Delhi, Kerala, Telangana, etc.

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26 yrs, 5' 2"", Hindu, Adi Dravida, Chennai

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26 yrs, 5' 0"", Hindu, Adi Dravida, Chennai

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25 yrs, 4' 11"", Hindu, Adi Dravida, Tiruvannamalai

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30 yrs, 5' 5"", Hindu, Adi Dravida, Bengaluru

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