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Are you here in search of the perfect Kummari matrimony match and curious to find out more about their customs? As traditional as it gets, the Kummari community walks in the footsteps of their ancestors and follow their customary Hindu wisdom and rituals.

The Kummaris are a Hindu community in India that is also known as Prajapatis, Prajapats, or Kumhars. They largely inhabit parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Jammu and Kashmir. When it comes to Kummari matrimony, the community has a distinct set of traditions that mark the auspicious union of two families.

The brides and grooms of the Kummari community seek relatable families, and their elderly play a significant role in arranging their marriage. However, they generally prefer to marry within their own community as they value their cultural heritage more than anything. Sagai ceremony, welcome aarti, exchange of vows, and Mangalsutra ceremony are some of the rituals that are sacred to the community and mark new beginnings for the couple. If you're looking for the perfect Kummari matrimony match in your life or for someone in your family, you can discover numerous verified profiles of independent and family-loving individuals looking for the right partner.

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33 yrs, 5' 2"", Hindu, Kummari, Charlotte

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33 yrs, 5' 3"", Hindu, Kummari, Karimnagar

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26 yrs, 5' 3"", Hindu, Kummari, Seattle

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34 yrs, 5' 0"", Hindu, Kummari, Prayagraj

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